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What is a Tantric Companion? – Male Escort

I’m sure you’ve never heard of the term “tantric escort,” which is different from “male escort“. I will briefly describe it to satisfy your curiosity.

It is difficult for me to explain what tantric accompaniment consists of. After years of traveling and meeting people from all over the world, I don’t know that there is anyone who offers anything like it. Due to this singularity, we don’t have references, which can lead to confusing the tantric accompaniment with the typical luxury male escort service.

To sum up, it is a tantric experience, combining tantra and tao, with a very alternative male escort service for women.

Male Companion

I begin by talking about tantra, a term quite used nowadays to sell tantra courses and erotic massages, but empty of spiritual content. Tantra is a practical philosophy that uses ancient techniques and rituals to develop self-knowledge, physical and mental health.  Some of the methods included are: hatha yoga, meditation, ayurvedic medicine, tantric massage, sexual yoga, among others. These methods serve to enter in a guided way into the depths of one’s being. The constant, sincere and passionate practice of tantra leads to transcendental states of well-being and happiness. Rituals are performed individually, in pairs, and sometimes in groups, in a chakra puja, or tantric feast.

Here are the main tasks and characteristics that should have a male companion in Madrid classic luxury:

  • Accompanying restaurants, concerts and others
  • Accompanying, and sometimes preparing for travel.
  • Showing an impeccable physical presence.
  • Developing with elegance and education.
  • Speaking several languages.
  • Showing a pleasant attitude.
  • Empathy and social skills.
  • Satisfying the most intimate desires of a woman, or couple.

Man Escort for Women

In general any gigolo is limited to accompany with little (or no) knowledge of etiquette, protocol and social skills. This knowledge is essential to facilitate a perfect evening. I am referring to empathy, humour, general culture, etc. To be clear, it’s a lottery. Even though you have checked the physical aspect through the photographs of the male escort. There are boys with bodies worked in the gym, but with a low cultural level, and little training in the amatory arts, beyond previous experiences with couples and lovers.

I have been able to observe all this after years of performing female and tantric massages, in massage centres, at home and in luxury hotels, and giving courses in erotic massage and tantra. It was as a result of this observation that I decided to start as a tantric companion. After verifying the enormous emptiness that there is in the sexual services for women, in reference to the conscious sexuality. The need of many people to live sexuality in another way, more conscious and integrating body, mind and soul. I suggest you visit the page of erotic massages for women.

The possibility of feeling pleasure, with yourself and with a person you trust. To enjoy sex with connection, sensuality and knowing that you will enjoy total satisfaction at that moment, while learning to develop a more meditative and positive attitude to life. If both of us are willing, and with the necessary confidence and complicity, then I invite you to go beyond massage and initiate yourself into tantric sex or sacred sex. Only for people who have started with me on the tantra path, with a massage or one of the courses I facilitate. You have to be prepared to taste the advanced tantric practices. It is a path that requires commitment, only in this way can one evolve, explore one’s own limits and transcend them. An opportunity to live sexuality in a more gratifying way and without limitations.

To sum up, the main difference between a classic luxury escort and a tantric escort is knowledge and experience. Only with an expert in tantra can it happen that each encounter transcends sexual satisfaction and allows you to grow as a person.

In the next article I will explain how to do an Erotic Massage, don’t miss it.

A hug

Gerard Ribó

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