masaje tantrico mujer

Tantric massage for women takes you through a soft and intense path, full of light and darkness, pleasure and sexual liberation. Tantra takes you inside, to become aware of yourself, to overcome your fears, to discover your feminine power and your full potential as a human and divine being.

Tantra for Women

The power of the feminine is not a matter of women, it is a universal energy present in everything. Tantric massage for female does not differ from massage for male in many ways, although there are practices reserved for women. For example, the Yoni massage is a massage for women exclusively. There are also sexual yoga exercises designed to strengthen the pelvic floor, vaginal and anal muscles, and serve to learn to manage sexual energy, alone or with a partner.



Tantra for women leads to liberation as a woman and a person, but first you must heal your sexuality and learn to enjoy sacred sex, your own divinity. As you heal your sexuality, you get rid of everything inside that prevents you from being happy, leaving room for love and the beauty of living fully. Massage for women in the Yoni area is a very effective therapy for the vast majority of typical sexual disorders. It is a long way, but full of magic. Only you have the power to heal yourself, give yourself permission to be happy.


A Yoni massage is a vital part of the female tantric massage, although it is not always done in a massage session. The Yoni is the genital area of the woman, the area in which most sexual blocks are focused, in which there are many reflex points and pleasure points. The ritual to stimulate the Yoni is done from the softness, with a respectful and loving attitude, although the intensity depends on the moment. Keep in mind that this is a therapeutic massage, do not just seek pleasure, for that is better an erotic massage for women, a fusion of Tantra and sensuality.


It is important to learn tantric meditations to evolve in a sustained way. The practice of sadhana (tantric exercises) allows you to travel through various emotional states and overcome possible personal crises in a less traumatic way. Meditation is a positive tool that you can practice on a daily basis and include in your sexual relations, without having to know tantra rituals such as maithuna (advanced tantric sex). There are dynamic and static meditations, once you have learned to practice them, you decide which is best for you at each moment, your inner teacher will know.


Tantric therapy for female anorgasmia is nothing more than a sadhana adapted to your needs and tantric massage sessions. Progressively, in a natural way, blockages, traumas and fears are healed. Overcoming the fears and limiting beliefs that intoxicate the mind and soul, is something that anyone dreams of, but without a personal commitment does not become reality. It is in your hand.


The female G-spot has been thought to be a myth or a joke, although Tantrics knew it long ago. Luckily today we already know that it exists, it is a source of pleasure and a door to discover the sacred sexuality, the dance of Shiva and Shakti. Unblocking the G-spot opens the soul, expands the ability to feel in all senses. In addition, the G-spot orgasm is one of the most intense that a woman can achieve.


Any woman can ejaculate. It is a physical process by which prostate fluid is expelled. But the female ejaculation or squirting is much more than the physical reaction, it involves the whole female being, the body, the emotions and the energetic body. A woman capable of ejaculating, cleanses her mind and soul, so amrita is known by the name of divine nectar. You can learn squirting, just give yourself permission.

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