If you have come this far, you are searching for something… maybe a male masseur – for new sensations, to get to know yourself more intimately, to go beyond the confines of conventional sex, to overcome your fears, limitations & self-sabotaging. You want to learn how to rise above them and be in peace with yourself & others, in harmony with your inner self and the world around you. In short, you want to be happy. As with any quest, this entails a journey, an inner journey to the deepest part of yourself, to your very core. Maybe you have not set off on your journey yet, or perhaps you have but you cannot find the path. Either way, I will accompany you.

Tantra encompasses many disciplines, including yoga, meditation, tantric massage for women, Ayurvedic medicine, sexual yoga, orgasms, multi-orgasms, male escort London, etc. Learn about this fascinating art, with passion & patience but with no expectations. Learn at your own rhythm, feeling at ease & guided throughout your process of personal growth. Explore your body, mind & soul through this millenary philosophy that has developed techniques to help you get to know yourself, to accept who you are, your fears, insecurities & limitations, and to go further, transcend them & evolve deeply as a human being. For me it is a pleasure to share my years of experience and training.

Tantric massage for women Barcelona – Male Masseur London

Tantra takes you on a path full of mysteries, sensations and pleasure, so you need to be totally involved to experience its magic. For my part, I devote myself wholeheartedly to each session, so I ask you for the same degree of interest and commitment. Are you ready to explore your limits? You will discover how just a simple caress can be orgasmic. Erotic massage for women, Barcelona and Madrid. I give tantra courses in London and erotic massage for women in Barcelona, men and Tantra for couples in Barcelona, Madrid and other cities (Ibiza, Marbella, Mallorca …). In sexual therapy and tantric sex workshops you learn the secrets of sacred sexuality and delve into so-called sexual disorders such as premature ejaculation, female anorgasmia and male anorgasmia, impotence, vaginitis, nymphomania and low libido.

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Tantra for women employs the ancient art of Yoni massage London in the tantric massage for women to heal female anorgasmia London and is very successful healing this kind of orgasmic dysfunction in women.

“For me, being spiritual means finding yourself. I have never allowed anyone to do that work for me, because it’s a job that nobody can do for you. You have to do it yourself.” Osho.


Male escort and Male masseur. It does not matter if you have never had an orgasm, if you have had just a few or if you are multiorgasmic. The aim of tantric training is not to experience orgasm, female ejaculation or squirting, although these may occur during the session. An orgasm is not the main aim of tantra, rather it is the beginning. You can evolve and grow, learn to live with full sexuality and awareness. You just have to let yourself to be free. I do tantra for women, massage therapy for women in Barcelona where I live, and I also organize erotic massages when I travel to Madrid, Tantra in London, Ibiza, tantra massage Marbella, Mallorca and other cities. For the male escort service, please check the gigolo section.

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