acompañante masculino barcelona

Tantric Male Masseur

I am sensitive person with a calm nature. I have spent over a decade studying and practicing the many arts that deal with vital and sexual energy. I started out in the exciting world of luxury erotic massage for women several years ago and discovered a whole universe of pleasure and new sensations. My desire to improve and evolve led me to take a deeper look at tantric massage in particular, and later at tantra in general. Tantra for woman took me down a path of unlimited self-knowledge, which it is now my pleasure to share with others.

My Beginnings in Tantra Workshops

After many years giving erotic massage for women and studying tantric massage and Taoism, I started my guided studies in tantric massage with Verma Rodríguez and David Alcalde, where I gained a good base as a male masseur. Today I continue to train with Kurma Rajadasa, with whom I have perfected my techniques in massage, yoga, meditation, tantric sex, Ayurvedic medicine and sexual yoga over the last few years. I am part of the Sivaíta Tantric School and give tantra courses, sexual healing, training in tantra in Barcelona and tantric massage workshops.

Male Masseur for Women

Once I had experienced true personal liberation through tantra, I allowed myself to start working as a luxury male escort, applying all the awareness and knowledge that I had acquired whilst studying tantra massage for women, men and couples, tantra and Taoism.

Male Masseur for Couples

At just over 30 years old, I have now been with over a thousand women, in both my professional and personal life. This makes it easier for me to understand the physical, mental and energy processes of each individual at any given moment.

During this type of rituals you can learn to give yoni massage step by step for her or lingam massage step by step for him, as well as enjoy the benefits of both massages. At your own pace, feeling comfortable at all times.

Male Masseur for Men

If you are looking for a male masseur for men, you can contact me, I will gladly recommend you to therapists trained in gay tantra, specializing in massage man to man. Tantric gay massage focuses on male sexuality, with techniques such as lingam massage, prostate massage to stimulate the male G-spot and the connection between men.

Why do I practice Tantra and make it my job?

I am passionate about my work and it makes me very proud. I always implicate myself fully with every tantric massage for female, so I am really not interested in giving too many sessions – I prefer each session to be unique. I do not offer “take-away” massages; I have always preferred quality to quantity. For this reason I cannot normally make an appointment on the same day when you contact me.

I practice oriental martial arts and I love classical music, learning languages and good food! I also love to travel, explore new places and meet the people who live there.

Heaven is right here on earth, you just need to find it.