sanación sexual para mujeres

Yoni Massage and Tantric Massage Therapy

Sexual healing for women is part of the Tantric path; a comprehensive method that combines the magic of Tantra with ancestral knowledge about life and sexuality, in particular female sexuality. Tantric massage (intimate massage for women), meditation, yoni massage, Ayurvedic medicine and pranayamas (breathing exercises) are the main practices of Tantra for women. Each and every one of these tools is a very effective way to improve both your physical and mental health.

Tantra for women uses massage and these other tools, combining them to suit the needs of each individual. Each woman has her own sexual concerns and disorders, so there is no single way to address sexual healing for women.

The main female sexual disorders are anorgasmia, vaginitis and lack of sex drive. Each of these has a different diagnosis and there are different ways of dealing with each problem, but in 95% of the cases the causes are of a physiological nature.

Tantra for Female

Anorgasmia is the total or partial inability to experience orgasms, either with self- stimulation or with a partner. Vaginitis is caused by inflammation and hypersensitivity of the vagina that prevents women having sexual intercourse without feeling pain. Lack of sexual desire is due to a shortage of physical and mental libido when receiving sexual stimulation.

These three disorders are the main causes of problems in couples, and although they are based on sexual difficulties, in most cases they affect many other aspects of the relationship.

Intimate Massage for Women – Tantra and Yoni Massage

Tantric massage for female helps release blockages and resolve sexual traumas. Intimate massage for women given by a tantric teacher makes you aware of your sexual limitations and how they affect your sexuality, your relationship and other aspects of your life. During a yoni massage you will feel new sensations and you will be able to let go of any fears that you may have accumulated over the years.

Remember that the aim of tantric massage for women and yoni massage is not necessarily to have an orgasm. Once you have rid yourself of the programming that has prevented you from climaxing, you will see that orgasms come naturally and are increasingly pleasurable. You will also evolve during the process and become more empowered.

Become a warrior – but not by fighting, by overcoming your limitations. Practice Kung Fu Tantra with devotion and commitment and you will discover all your inner strengths.