Tantra Mallorca

In summer I will visit the Balearic Islands to give Tantra courses in Mallorca. Take the opportunity to book your session of tantric massage or sexual healing for women in Palma de Mallorca. You can also enjoy erotic massage sessions applied to Tantra, Tantric massage workshops Mallorca and male masseur for women.

Tantra Courses Mallorca – Tantric Massage Workshops in Palma

tantra workshops palma mallorca

If you are interested in a tantric master to realize a deep spiritual path or want to initiate the magic of Tantra, take the step towards your personal growth. Tantra is a practical philosophy with very powerful tools practiced following a qualified guide (hatha yoga, meditation, pranayamas, ayurveda, tantric massage, tantric sex…). Sadhana (Tantric practices) leads you to discover yourself and become more aware of who you really are, your fears, insecurities, blockages and self-limitations, but also of your inner strength, your deepest motivations and the true light in you.

The spiritual awakening of tantrism

Tantra doesn’t just make you feel a little better to go on with your life with the false feeling that you are enlightened or that you are a higher being, quite the opposite. The true spiritual path is the path of the warrior, because you have to overcome obstacles and traps created by your own mind. You have to cleanse body, mind and soul to awaken the senses and see the world without the filters imposed by society, family, school, etc..

Tantra Massage – Male Masseur for Women Mallorca

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Tantra massage in Palma de Mallorca is really therapeutic for healing blockages and sexual disorders. Tantric massage or sexual healing for women is a very effective treatment for female anorgasmia, for example. Yoni massage, which stimulates the G-spot and can cause female squirting or ejaculation, is one of the secrets of Tantra, one of the secrets of Tantra also works for cases of vaginitis, frigidity, nymphomania, sexual traumas and other types of blockages. For many women it is an important factor to receive the Yoni massage from a male masseur, to connect with the patterns that are activated before the male energy.

Yoni Massage in Palma – Tantra for Women

If you are in Palma and want to enjoy Yoni massage, you just need to give yourself permission to let your body and mind connect with pleasure. You will see how little by little the blockages loosen, making way for the kundalini energy to rise from muladhara to sahasrara, harmonizing the earthly with the spiritual.

Tantra for Men – Lingam Massage Palma de Mallorca

erotic massage for men

Tantra for men helps men on the path of sexual healing necessary for true personal liberation. By learning breathing exercises and sexual yoga, men can learn to control ejaculation, manage their sexual energy and focus it on tantric or sadhana practices. Linga massage is a good treatment against premature ejaculation, impotence or erectile dysfunction, male anorgasmia and other male sexual blockages.

If you do not want to receive a tantric massage from a male masseur, you can request a session with one of the tantric masseurs I have trained in the Tantra courses in Palma de Mallorca and the professional tantric massage training.

Is man-to-man massage a gay massage?

Gay massage is often called male-to-male massage, although in Tantric tradition the management of sexual energy and the balance between Shiva and Shakti goes beyond the masculine and feminine gender. If you want to put the label of gay or lesbian tantra, it’s a personal preference, not right or wrong.

During the summer I also give tantric massage in Ibiza, Marbella and in my city of habitual residence in which I facilitate tantric massage for women in Barcelona and courses of Tantra Barcelona.