Tantra en Ibiza

Every summer I share the beautiful art of Tantra in Ibiza, one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, next to Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera. Ibiza has a special energy, a vibration that attracts visitors from all over the world every summer, not only because of the party, but also because of more spiritual concerns. In the summer season it provides tantric massage, Tantra courses in Ibiza and erotic massage in Ibiza (“Eivissa” is the official name of the Balearic Island). I confess that I love going to Ibiza as a tantric master, although it’s a rare occasion that I don’t take advantage of to get lost in the beautiful beaches of Ibiza. As a good yogi I take the opportunity to connect with nature, meditate, practice yoga and recharge myself with the energy of the sun and the sea..

Beyond spiritual tourism, in Ibiza there are people really interested in Tantra and Tantric massage. People eager to learn how to give erotic massage and discover sexual healing through Tantra. The sum of the magical energy of Ibiza, its beaches (Figueretas, Talamanca, San José, Santa Eulalia…), the sun and the sea, make a perfect combination of sources of prana, health and life. Ibiza is perfect at a pranic level for tantric practices (yoga, meditation, tantric massage, advanced Tantra).

Tantra courses in Ibiza

tantra course in ibiza

Many couples take advantage of their holidays to travel to Ibiza, disconnect from stress and relax. It is an excellent occasion to approach Tantra for couples and experience a tantric massage for couples or an erotic massage for couples. If you also want to learn new ways of connecting and feeling each other, the Tantra courses in Ibiza will bring to your relationship some very valuable tools that will serve you as a couple and individually. You can enjoy the massage session in couple with me and with a tantric masseuse in Ibiza formed by me, that is, with a male masseur and an erotic masseuse.

Tantra for Women – Yoni Massage in Ibiza

tantric massage for women ibiza

You can also take advantage of the individual sessions of tantric massage for women helps you heal sexual blockages and free yourself of limitations, something essential to achieve happiness and ecstasy in your life. The previous step to the female multiorgasmia, is the sexual healing for women, very powerful when it comes to healing female anorgasmia, vaginitis, frigidity and other sexual disorders. Tantra for women is a tantric therapy that can include Yoni massage in Ibiza, unblocking the female G-point, clitoral orgasms, female ejaculation or squirting and other techniques of vaginal or anal stimulation.

Tantra for Men – Lingam Massage in Ibiza

tantric massage men

Tantra for men, a spiritual path to deepen male sexuality. Sexual unblocking or sexual healing for men is part of the path to personal evolution that you can experience thanks to Tantra. Tantric therapy for men can include genital stimulation, lingam massage, male G-spot massage or prostate massage. Tantric massage for men is very effective for curing male anorgasmia, premature ejaculation (premature ejaculation therapy), impotence or erectile dysfunction, etc..

Male Masseur Ibiza – Tantric Sex

Not everything is tantric massage and Tantra courses, in Ibiza there is time for everything. If you want a satsanga with your tantric master in Ibiza, we can have the disciple-master talks on the beach, have a drink, eat the famous Tonyina at l´eivissenca (tuna) or walk near the Cathedral of Ibiza. I won’t get tired of clarifying that when I play the male escort or male escort in Ibiza, it doesn’t consist of the typical gigolo service for women. Nor is it just tantric sex, but a personalised tantric experience, so that you experience new sensations and discover yourself.

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