Tantric massage with feathers: gay massage?

MALE MASSAGE or GAY MASSAGE It is unclear where the Spanish expression “having a feather” (to be camp or affected), used to refer to homosexuality, came from originally. Perhaps it is because feathers are soft and showy, attributes commonly considered to be feminine. So what has using feathers during a tantric massage have to do …

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How to Cure Female Anorgasmy with Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage for Women to heal Women’s Anorgasmy In this article I will explain how to cure female anorgasmy using tantric massage, how it is defined by modern psychology and the five different types of anorgasmy. Tantra puts powerful and effective healing tools at our disposal, such as yoni massage, which has been proving its …

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The history of Lingam Massage and its importance in Tantra.

Linga Massage for Men – Tantric Workshops in Barcelona, London and Madrid As well as looking at Lingam massage, its benefits, what it involves and tips on tantric massage for men, we will also find out some interesting facts about the origins of the myth and rituals of Linga worship, both in ancient times and …

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What it takes to become a Male Tantric Masseur

Male Masseur in Barcelona and London – Lingam Massage So just what does it take to be a Male Tantric Masseur? Here we will look at the main characteristics you need to become a male masseur, and more specifically to become a tantric or erotic male masseur. However, before going into any detail, it is …

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The 7 Benefits of Erotic Massage for Women

Yoni Massage and Squirting Massage The 7 benefits of erotic massage for women refers to the most important points of intimate massage. One of the most common questions, apart from the differences between tantric and erotic massage, is what benefits sensual massage has for women. The benefits are different for men and women. Erotic massage for women is an opportunity to discover your body, …


Tantric Male Escort

What is a Tantric Companion? – Male Escort I’m sure you’ve never heard of the term “tantric escort,” which is different from “male escort“. I will briefly describe it to satisfy your curiosity. It is difficult for me to explain what tantric accompaniment consists of. After years of traveling and meeting people from all over …