Mantak Chia

Mantak Chia & Sexual Tao

Mantak Chia is a Thai-Chinese Taoist master who has spread the teachings of Taoism and the practice of healing and energy arts worldwide. He was born in 1944 in Thailand and was raised in a Chinese family that practiced Taoism and Buddhism. At the age of 19, he began studying with various Taoist and Buddhist …

shank prakshalana

Shankha Prakshalana, a deep colon cleansing technique

Intestinal cleanse using Water and Salt Tantra practices go beyond tantric massage, ​​sexual yoga or sacred sex; Hatha yoga and Ayurvedic medicine are also a fundamental part of sadhana (the practice of Tantra). Shankha Prakshalana, also known as Varisara, is a very effective method of cleansing the digestive tract using just water and salt. The …