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Tantra and Sexual Healing Therapy

Tantra is not just about tantric sex, so you should not necessarily expect sex or an orgasm from a tantric massage. In Tantric training, an orgasm is considered to be the beginning, not the end. Do not expect anything, let go of your expectations and just enjoy the sensations as they run through your body. Free your mind of prejudices, limitations and mental trash. Only then can you discover yourself and live in the here and now. Sensitizing, unblocking and raising awareness are the main virtues of Tantra.

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Sensitize, unlock and become aware, are the main virtues of tantric massage. Each session, person and moment is different. These are just some of the benefits of tantric massage:

• Sensitize your body, observing how energy flows

• Discover that you can feel pleasure in more places than you knew

• Observe which areas are blocked and dig deep inside yourself to unlock them in order to enjoy greater physical well-being and release the emotions or traumas that caused these blockages

• Find out what is behind your fears, self-limitations and self-judgments, or rather, who is behind them. It is you who is behind it all: your true self, your essence, something that you may have forgotten, but that is still there waiting for you.

Before the tantric massage for woman we do dynamic and static meditation, to calm the mind. Meditation is an important part of the session, and a practice that you can add to your life progressively. I will accompany you at all times so that you are guided throughout the experience. During the massage you will feel how your whole body and mind opens up. During the massage you will feel how your whole body and mind opens up. You can experience G-spot orgasms and female ejaculation (also called squirting), and the release of emotions and memories. I will accompany you at every moment so you can feel the process in a smooth and stable way. There are three types of tantric massage:

• Tantric massage for women or Yoni massage.

• Tantric massage for couples. Individually or together.

• Tantric massage for men or Lingam massage. If you want to massage with a tantric masseur, you can book with one of the masseuses I have trained in tantric and erotic massage.

Tantric Massage for Men

You have the opportunity to experience a tantric massage for men with one of the tantric masseurs I have trained, or with a male masseur specializing in gay tantra. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to be able to train exclusive tantric masotherapists in different tantra courses and tantric massage workshops. I have also taught the best combination of erotic massage applied to tantrism, giving erotic massage trainings for the luxury massage agency

Tantric Therapy, Healing Sexual Blocks

Tantric massage has infinite advantages and benefits, but one of the most prominent is sexual healing. Perhaps it is because of the need to live sexuality freely and without taboos, or because of the importance of sex in all aspects of our lives. Tantric therapy is very effective in curing sexual blockages, which in psychology are called sexual disorders for both men and women. The benefits of sexual healing go beyond sexual relations, positively affect the relationship you have with yourself and others.

I remain fully dressed and perform the massage on a massage table. Tantric massage is designed for anyone who is interested and willing to engage in a process of personal evolution. If you want a sensual massage for women, then tantric is not the massage for you. Luckily, I am also an expert in erotic massages and love giving them. You can book individual or couple massages. In addition, you can take a tantra workshop to learn the most effective tantric techniques, which will undoubtedly improve your sex life.

I work at the Sanango Holistic Association on Calle Pelayo 7, in my apartment or at your home or hotel.