masajes eroticos mujeres barcelona

The erotic massage for women is a beautiful and sensual way to connect with female pleasure from softness and eroticism. It is a combination of tantric techniques and knowledge of female sexuality focused on physical pleasure. You will discover different types of orgasms, not just clitoris or G-spot. You can enjoy this intimate massage in and around Barcelona. And if you want to experience Tantra for women in greater depth, you can also take Tantra courses in Barcelona, a good way to improve your sexuality and grow personally through pleasure.

Tantric Massage for Women in Barcelona

Tantric massage has infinite benefits, and the techniques used to bring a woman to tantric ecstasy can be used to provoke unknown pleasures. In the sensual massage you will be able to feel the body of your masculine masseuse sliding softly on your skin, and while your energy and sexual desire increases, you will submerge in a dance of sensations, tantric postures and caresses. You will lose the notion of time and each orgasm will be a liberating explosion in which you will bathe like never before.

Tantric Orgasm – Female Empowerment

women orgasm

Sexual massage can lead you to feel the tantric orgasm, freeing you from tension, blockages and dissatisfaction. If you embrace pleasure as a path of fulfillment, you will become an orgasmic woman, able to feel multiple orgasms during the massage. A multi-orgasmic woman is a happy person, satisfied with her life, who loves herself and the people around her. Nothing empowers a woman more than being connected to her femininity and the ability to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Sexual Therapy for Women Barcelona

female anorgasmia therapy

Actually, massage for women is more focused on sexual healing, but you can combine erotic and tantric massage. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, comfortable and in a safe space in which to express your sexuality freely. Only you know what you want to feel, my goal is to accompany you to experience and discover your potential through. Your body hides pleasures that you don’t know. Do you dare to discover them?

Female Ejaculation Massage Barcelona

squirting massage barcelona

Tantriches call it amrita, the divine nectar, is known by the name of squirting, especially in porn, but female ejaculation is in any case a reaction of the body to massage the yoni and stimulate the G-spot with a series of techniques. The female prostate or Skene gland produces this fluid that comes out of the vagina. If you are a woman who has never ejaculated it is possible that you feel a strange sensation, it is normal, you are discovering your body.

Yoni Massage in Barcelona

yoni massage tantra barcelona

If you are looking for a Yoni massage in Barcelona or have not yet heard of the Yoni (female sacred area), you will be surprised at the pleasant sensations that this massage is able to provoke. You will see how this area hides erogenous points that you had not yet enjoyed. You will learn to let yourself be carried away to reach ecstasy again and again in different ways and intensities that you would never have imagined you could experience. Don’t think of it as a body massage and a happy ending, it’s something superior.