cursos de masaje erotico

Erotic Tantric Massage Workshops

How to do an erotic massage to your partner? Surely you have asked yourself this question once, erotic massage is one of the most common sexual fantasies. It is in your hands to learn to give it very well with erotic massage courses. You can develop their sensuality and eroticism through erotic massage, an excellent tool to improve your sexual relations as a couple.

Learn which are the most erogenous zones of the body and how to provoke different types of orgasms. There are several types of orgasm and different ways to provoke them: clitoral orgasm, vaginal orgasm, G-spot orgasm, cervix orgasm, A-spot orgasm (anal orgasm), Vishuda orgasm (throat), breast orgasm, energetic orgasm. Develop your sensibility by giving and receiving sensual massage for women.

cursos masaje erótico

Erotic Massage applied to Tantra Workshops

For more than seven years I have been dedicating myself as a male masseur professionally to erotic and tantric massages. Giving massages and tantric massage courses for professionals, luxury agencies such as Art Massage Agency and for amateur beginners, in several cities. I want to share the different ways of combining Tantra, erotic massage for women in Barcelona and sexual healing for women, with erotic massages to enhance pleasure. Discover the different ways to enjoy and satisfy your partner, in a practical and fun way. Learn body to body massage, tantric postures of the kama Sutra, and something much better than a simple massage with a happy ending.

How to do an erotic massage for women? One of the most important techniques of tantric massage applied to intimate massage for women is the Yoni massage (female genital). The Yoni massage will allow you to enjoy various types of orgasm, in addition to being a powerful method of sexual healing very effective for example, for female anorgasmia.

Erotic Massage Course for Women

Women are multiorgasmic by nature, men need training to be multiorgasmic.

How to do an erotic massage for men? One of the most important techniques of tantric massage for men applied to erotic massage is the Lingam (male genital) massage. The Ligam massage will allow you to enjoy various types of orgasm, in addition to being an excellent method of sexual healing for women very effective for example for controlling ejaculation and to prevent premature ejaculation, discover new levels of pleasure in your body and that of your partner.

Allow yourself to connect with sensuality, creativity and eroticism. Come out of the couple’s monotony. The courses are designed to suit your level and you can learn in a simple, practical and fun.

Erotic Massage for Couple Course

The course of initiation to erotic massage is an opportunity to learn the basic techniques to perform an excellent sensual massage for quality women. It is perfect to incorporate easily to your sexual relations of couple.

You will learn to activate your partner’s body before the massage. In this way you will achieve a higher receptivity and sensitivity in both. You will also discover the most important erotic massage techniques, the most erogenous zones and how to increase your partner’s sexual energy.

You’ll find out how to do an erotic massage for women and for men (lingam massage) also. With Tantra techniques for women fused with a lot of sensuality. In addition you will see the main erogenous points of the woman and the best ways to stimulate them. You will also practice with your partner tantra massage for women such as yoni massage (female genita massage).

Erotic massage for men is different from feminine massage. That’s why you’ll see differences when it comes to stimulating erogenous zones and activating sexual energy. The tantric lingam massage combined with the eroticism of the body to body massage causes a very intense excitement. You will be surprised how much both of you can enjoy the massage.

Erotic massage practices in couples are combined with other techniques such as tantric postures. You will connect with the sensuality that is in you. As you succeed, you will connect with the sensuality of the couple. The possibilities of massage are endless when you know how to do it well. Each practice is an adventure full of sensations.

Duration: 8 hours