Tantra en Madrid

Madrid is almost my second home. There is a great interest in Tantra in Madrid, so I travel to the capital regularly to facilitate Tantric massage sessions in Madrid and Tantra courses. I usually receive in an apartment in the Salamanca neighbourhood, to give erotic massage for women, tantric massage and Tantra workshops. The Tantra path is deep and full of difficulties, so it is important to have the guidance of a tantric guru or master.

I travel to luxury hotels such as the Westin Palace, Hotel URSO, Hotel Villamagna, Hotel Eurostars Madrid Tower, Hotel Wellington or Hotel Ritz, among others. I also give tantric massage or erotic massage at home in Madrid. The possibility of receiving the tantric massage in your hotel or home, is to facilitate greater comfort and privacy. I understand how important it is that you enjoy the erotic massage or the Tantra course in the best conditions, and for that to be possible I ask you to book in advance, so I can prepare myself perfectly for your session.


yoni massage madrid

Tantric massage sessions for women in Madrid can be individual or in pairs. Tantric massage or sexual healing for women is a therapeutic massage, whose aim is the release of blockages (female anorgasmia, vaginitis, etc.) and sexual traumas, as well as becoming aware of yourself, beyond sexuality. This intimate massage can include Yoni massage, a genital massage that will help you heal your sexuality, as well as take you to feel multiple orgasms or squirting (female ejaculation).


tantric massage couples

Tantric massage for couples in Madrid can be booked with a male masseur (Me) and/or a tantric masseuse (formed by me). Tantra for couples deeply enriches your sexuality as a couple and as an individual. Tantric sex or sacred sex can begin with massages, and little by little continue to deepen in advanced Tantra rituals. Each couple massage or Tantra course in Madrid is an opportunity to get to know each other better and get to know each other better on a physical, emotional and spiritual level..


men's erotic massage

Tantra courses in Madrid can also be individual or in pairs, and from time to time I organise erotic massage workshops for small groups of up to eight people. Tantric massage courses are Tantra for men, Tantra for women and Tantra for couples. Obviously each tantric massage workshop changes a little depending on whether it is sexual healing for men, women or couples, but it also changes for each person. Therefore, all formations are personalized, depending on the level of Tantra and the process of personal evolution.


happy ending erotic massage for women madrid

Do not expect a massage with a happy ending, or a simple genital stimulation, if you want to feel hidden pleasures in your body, the sensual massage for women in Madrid opens your mind. This sexual massage includes the Yoni ritual and provokes various types of female orgasms, including ejaculation or squirting.


erotic massage for couple

The erotic massage is a good way to get out of the monotony of couple and live new experiences accompanied by the person you love. This type of intimate massage is for sharing very sensual moments in which you will discover different ways to explore sexuality..


What can you learn in a Tantra course? The list is long, but by attending a Tantra workshop you will learn Tantric massage, meditation, sexual magic, erotic massage applied to Tantra and massaging techniques. You will also study how to apply this knowledge to perform Tantric rituals..


How do you do an erotic massage for them or for them? If you want to learn the secrets of erotic massage for women or men, discover the game of touch seduction. Make your hands magical by practicing Yoni’s massage for women or Linga’s massage for men.


tantra massage workshop

You want to learn how to give a tantric massage? No matter if your interest is in tantric massage for women or for men, during the Tantra workshops you will study Yoni’s massage for women or Linga’s massage for men, although you can focus on one of the two if you prefer.


erotic massage for men

Do you want to find a male masseur in Madrid? Do you want to feel the touch and masculine energy of a man? You should not give up to enjoy the form that your body asks you, if you yearn for a male therapist, give yourself a tantric or erotic massage. At the end, the Shiva-Sakti dance takes place inside you..

Tantric Male Escort Madrid

Tantric male escort in Madrid can only be booked if you have already started Tantra for women, with a tantric massage, a tantric massage course or advanced Tantra training. Don’t be confused by the concept of tantric escort, as it doesn’t consist of the typical gigolo service for women. It is an opportunity to discover tantric sex through tantric massage and sacred sex tantric rituals such as mahabakti, Via del Valle Ritual or Maituna. But to enjoy these rituals and get to feel a real tantric experience, first it is essential to have a training and have a sadhana.

If you are attracted by the idea of studying tantric massage in depth and want to devote yourself to sexual healing, you can do professional tantric massage training. Prepare yourself for a path of personal evolution in order to help others to live more consciously and freely their sexuality. The professional tantric masseur course will provide you with knowledge that you will be able to put into practice in yourself in an effective and profound way.

I invite you to visit my Tantra blog to learn more about this lifestyle, discover its secrets and be informed about Tantric massage sessions and Tantra courses in Madrid.

If you are interested in receiving more information or booking your session, contact me by email or phone.