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The 7 Benefits of Erotic Massage for Women

Yoni Massage and Squirting Massage

The 7 benefits of erotic massage for women refers to the most important points of intimate massage. One of the most common questions, apart from the differences between tantric and erotic massage, is what benefits sensual massage has for women. The benefits are different for men and women.

Erotic massage for women is an opportunity to discover your body, sensitivity and the ability to feel pleasure. A woman’s body is better designed for pleasure: women, unlike men, have an organ dedicated solely to pleasure, the clitoris. Yes, the clitoral function is purely for pleasure.

However, the benefits of female erotic massage do not focus only on clitoral orgasm or genital stimulation. A sensitive massage stimulates the entire body, so that when you reach the massage yoni (vaginal massage with tantric techniques), the entire body is much more sensitive and receptive to pleasure.

How to give pleasure to a woman, education and sexual satisfaction

A great many people ask me how to give a woman pleasure. Even today, sex education regarding sexual satisfactionis poor. It would appear that sex education is still limited to reproduction and the prevention of sexual diseases. These two aspects of sexuality are very important, but they do not address the issue of sexual desire, satisfaction or even personal fulfilment through sex.

Intimate Massage For Women – Tantra Barcelona

Sex education or coaching is even more necessary for female sexuality. The study of female pleasure has always lagged far behind that of masculine pleasure. For example, the same year that the first representation of a vagina in 3D was published, Viagra came on the market. Also, understanding the physical and mental processes that lead a woman to orgasm or multiple orgasms are, in general, more complex than men’s.

Sexual Healing for Women – Yoni Massage – Tantra Courses

Luckily Tantra has studied female, male and couple sexuality for thousands of years. This knowledge of sacred sexuality allows today’s women to benefit from erotic massages and to have truly liberating experiences (sexual healing for women). One of the most effective techniques to bring a woman to orgasm is the yoni massage.

If you would like to learn the art of erotic or tantric massage, you may be interested in the erotic massage workshops or Tantra courses, as well as the professional Tantra training courses.

To be brief, here are the seven benefits of intimate massage for women:

Discover your body There are countless ways to enjoy the human body, and many areas to discover.

Improve your ability to feel pleasure and you will experience increasingly intense sensations. All you have to do is just have to relax and put yourself in the skilled hands of your male masseur.

Free yourself from taboos. You may be a woman who has grown up with repressed sexuality. Don’t you think the time has come to free you from these chains?

Cure anorgasmia. Don’t feel bad if you have never had an orgasm or you find it really hard to climax. It is more common than you think and intimate massage is an excellent therapy for female anorgasmia.

Orgasms and multiple orgasms. If you have no problem climaxing, then things start to get really good. A multi-orgasmic woman is a happy person who makes those around her happy.

Lower stress levels. Intimate massage for women increases the levels of oxytocin and endorphins, thus considerably reducing accumulated stress.

Increase your creativity and happiness. Sensual massage for women also produces an increase in serotonin and dopamine, two of the hormones responsible for happiness, and very important for health.

Squirting or female ejaculation. This is an extra, as squirting is not the main objective of erotic or tantric massage, although it is interesting for any woman to know that she has the ability to ejaculate.

If you have not yet tried this kind of massage and would like to enjoy the benefits of erotic massage for women, I encourage you to take the first step. If just one of these seven points makes it worth your while, imagine all of them at the same time. Also, bear in mind that these are just some, and not all, of the benefits of sensual massage for women


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