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Tantric Massage Courses

I give you a warm welcome to the section of the Tantric School in which you will be able to learn the courses of Tantra, Tantric massage, erotic massage and sexual yoga, for people who want to start, or with experience in sensual massage and Tantra. For many years I have also worked as a trainer for luxury erotic massage agencies such as


You can also do the tantric massage course with couple, to share the practice and learning with the person you want. It doesn’t matter who you do the tantric massage workshop with, if you are a woman, you can do the courses with a man or a woman, the same if you are a man. Tantra goes beyond gender, appearances, social conventions.

If you want to deepen your learning of Tantra and Tantric massage, and live a more intense personal process than you can live in a weekend Tantra workshop or short tantric massage retreat, I recommend you do professional Tantric massage training. In addition to studying and learning the necessary tools to devote yourself to professional tantric massage, you will acquire a personal knowledge so that you can continue to evolve by practicing your sadhana alone or in tantric practices as a couple.

Tantra and Sacred Sexuality Workshops

All Tantra courses in Barcelona, Madrid or another city are individual, in pairs or groups. In addition to Barcelona, where I live, I travel all over Spain (Ibiza, Marbella, Mallorca …) and some European cities (London, Frankfurt …) doing massage training and sessions. Each Tantra workshop is personalized, adapted to your level, interest and rhythm. I organize group training when there is a minimum of interested people. If you want to do any of the erotic massage courses in a group, let me know even if you don’t see dates.

I share a phrase of the Tantric Master André Van Lysebeth, who left us so many teachings and wisdom written in his books of yoga and tantra.

Life, consciousness and mind are, according to tantra, various aspects of cosmic energy, more or less subtle, but as concrete and material as gravitation or electromagnetism. André Van Lysebeth

I want to share the different ways of combining Tantra, Tantric Massage Barcelona and sexual healing for women, with erotic massages to enhance pleasure.

Nowadays, for years, I follow my Tantra training with the master Kurma Rajadasa, with whom I perfect the sensual massage for women, yoga, meditation, tantric sex, ayurvedic medicine and sexual yoga.

Where can I do a Tantra course?

Tantra Courses in Madrid

Tantra Courses in London