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What are the benefits of a tantric massage performed by a male masseur? The benefits of a tantric massage or an erotic massage vary for each person, and it also depends on whether it is a tantric massage for women, for men or for couples

Erotic Masseur for Men in Barcelona

On the therapeutic level, there are various benefits of having a male masseur for women, such as sexual healing and helping to live a conscious and satisfying life. Tantric massage for women performed by a man helps women to become aware of sexual blockages that a based on conflicts with masculine energy. These blockages cause sexual dissatisfaction that manifests itself in more ways than you might imagine, causing sexual disorders such as female anorgasmia, vaginitis, frigidity, lack of libido and other mental blocks. Tantra for women helps you to free yourself and to discover multiple orgasms, G-spot orgasms and squirting (feminine ejaculation). You can really live Tantra. Imagine being touched by a man very differently, in a way that you have never felt; with sensitivity, presence and experience.

Lingam Massage for Men

A male masseur for men allows them to experience new sensations, such as man-to-man massage, becoming aware of possible conflicts with masculinity, healing premature ejaculation, impotence and male anorgasmia and learning to control ejaculation.

Male massage is often referred to as gay Tantra massage, and male therapists for men are often called gay masseurs, but for tantric massage it is really not important whether the masseur is heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual. What is truly important is the masseur’s experience and know-how so that he can guide and accompany you along the path of Tantra for men, mistakenly referred to as gay tantric massage. In general, the gay tantra label is applied to any practice that involves prostatic massage and unlocking the anus, but real Tantra transcends the labels, conventions and limitations imposed by society.

Tantra Gay Massage in Barcelona

Another common confusion is thinking that a male masseur is the same as a male escort. Although a male masseur can perform luxury male escort services, and vice versa, there are important differences. A tantric massage or erotic massage can be very sensual and move a lot of sexual energy, using body-to-body techniques and Yoni massage or Lingam massage, but those are the limits during the session. A massage does not include rituals such as Mahabakti (tantric oral sex) or Maituna (tantric sex). A session with a tantric man escort can however include an erotic-tantric massage.

A male masseur for couples has to adapt to the energy and level of intimacy to ensure that he gives the couple a unique and enriching experience, which gives them a greater level of complicity. As well as enjoying a tantra massage for women or for couples to break with your routine and try something new, you can also learn how to give a tantric or erotic massage to your partner with a Tantra course for couples. You can enjoy both the massage and the erotic massage course with a male masseur or with a pair of masseurs – either man-woman or man-man.

To conclude, the important thing is that you enjoy your session with your man masseur, and that it helps you to experiment, grow and evolve as a person. Allow yourself to explore new sensations and free yourself from the fetters of your known boundaries.

Remember that a tantric teacher is a guide, he will show you the path to your own liberation, but it is you who must walk the path.