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Yoni Massage or Tantric massage for women is a therapeutic massage. The goal is not pleasure or an orgasm – rather both occur naturally as part of the sexual healing for women process. In order for the sessions to be effective, a bond of trust between the therapist and the patient is important, so that you can open up and go deep into in yourself. Therapy is not usually given in isolation, rather it is combined with other tantric therapies such as meditation, yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, amongst others.

Tantra and Sexual Yoga for Women

You can also do Yoni massage as a couple and by using the most basic techniques and a lot of love, the results will be very healing. For more advanced rituals, such as the Rahasya Puja (the most secret and advanced form of the Yoni Puja), it is advisable to work with a Tantric Master who can clarify doubts as they arise along the way.

Yoni massage is a healing therapy for women. During the intimete massage, concentration and consciousness are very important for the male masseur, as well as keeping the five makaras (or elements) in mind:

  • Akasha (Ether) Wide circles between the legs and breasts
  • Vayu (Air). Massaging the stomach and thighs
  • Texas (Fire). A series of upwards movements, carried out repeatedly, along the yoni
  • Apas (Water). Downwards movements all around the vagina
  • Prithivi (Earth). At the appropriate time, press several sensitive points inside the yoni gently and firmly. Maintain these pressure points until the end of the ritual occurs – the release of traumas, repressions, fears …

Sexual Healing for Women

The Yoni and the Lingam, and their respective pubococcygeus and sacral bone muscles, are the body’s most important reflex areas, together with the hands, feet, abdomen and skull. Using massage, by applying touch and pressure, we can remove layers and adhesions that have accumulated over years, often over decades. Little by little, letting go of that burden leads to Kaivalya (mental and emotional liberation), liberating Kundalini, with no risk at all.

The body creates a shell to make us invulnerable to pain. This shell is the accumulation of traumatic experiences from the past that have been stored in the body’s muscle tissues. The tissues harden, tighten and block the energy. Therapy works and heals you by emptying and unblocking stagnant emotions, restoring your body tissues to their natural condition.

Massage of Yoni – Female Anorgasmia

Our sexual organs have been repressed and censored since childhood, generating feelings of guilt, shame and embarrassment. It is considered vulgar and impolite to talk about our genitals. This repression of emotions and feelings infantilizes them, preventing them from maturing as a person, and leads them to look for any way of releasing accumulated sexual tension. Some of the symptoms of sexual repression in women are: feelings of guilt about masturbation because of the protective shell they build, making love when they do not feel like it, having to pretend because they do not know how to say “No”, not reaching orgasm, suffering abortions, giving birth by caesarean section, experiencing numbness in body tissues, anorgasmia, frigidity, vaginitis, rejection of men, fears, entomophobia (phobia of insects), conflicts with their masculine side or with authority …

Frigidity is the lack of desire or pleasure during sexual stimulation. Vaginitis completely closes up the vagina, unconsciously making penetration impossible. Anorgasmia occurs when one feels pleasure but no orgasm is reached, or believed to be reached.

Yoni massage helps to heal and free you of these things if you open up and let go of your fears, taboos and moralistic mental programming. Remember that feeling pleasure is not bad. It is essential to open your mind, to abandon yourself to pleasure, without controlling, thinking or seeking an orgasm. If you are obsessed having an orgasm and get impatient when it does not come, it will not come because that very fixation blocks it. Simply let yourself go. Do not think, just flow and feel.

Abnormal sexuality, too much or too little, is pathological and causes many mental and emotional problems. Anorgasmia, castration, frigidity, premature ejaculation, nymphomania and other sexual disorders, are usually rooted in our minds that have been programmed with a false morals over many thousands of years. Healing will help you, and indirectly your partner, to cure premature ejaculation or improve your potency, sensitivity, patience, knowledge and sensuality.

Anorgasmia is a wound in the soul that needs healing with a lot of love.

G-Spot Massage and Squirting

When the chakresvara, or tantric Master, reaches the genital area he rubs the outer part of the yoni with his finger tips, using gentle, circular movements. The movements should be continuous, repetitive and monotonous, to give Sakti time to express what she feels. You should not force anything, so if the feeling is unbearable you stop. The chakresvara lies next to Sakti, giving her love and understanding. With great affection, the tantra master is attentive to all of her feelings and lets her release whatever she feels, regardless of whether an orgasm occurs or not. If everything is flowing correctly and she feels comfortable and trusting, then it is the right moment to go inside the vagina.

The female G-spot is located on the inside, approximately up to the second finger joint. If you look at the yoni from the front and imagine it as a clock, the G-spot is located between 12 and 1 o´clock. It is a ribbed pad that sticks out and is highly sensitive. Having found the G-spot, gently massage it, adapting the pressure to the sensitivity of the Sakti. If she feels pleasure, continue to stimulate her and turn clockwise, massaging the entire vagina. Where she feels pain, let her express everything that she is experiencing. Encourage her to release without repressing anything at all –  tears, laughter, anger or any other feeling she has.

The male masseur keeps a watchful eye on the woman’s breathing, which should be deep and calm. He guides her to prevent her from identifying with anything, as the things she sees are not real, but symbols or traumatic experiences from the past. These are to be interpreted later, but you need to detach yourself from them in order to be able to heal them.

You can massage the yoni totally or partially. The important thing is that in each session the woman gradually opens up and feels increasingly calmer. After catharsis, once the massage is finished, Sakti lies down in savasana and meditates deeply.

This sexual therapy can heal where others have been unable to do so, helping to remove layers of emotional baggage that prevent people from being truly happy.

If you have come this far, you should know that we have not yet started with real tantra. The aim of tantra is not to reach orgasm or experience multiple orgasms. Real tantra begins beyond orgasm. This is excellent news, as it means that the path does not end, rather it has only just begun.

Types of Tantric Orgasms

There are several kinds of orgasms that can be identified by the different chakras:

  • Located in the throat. This orgasm can be experienced when practicing oral sex. Tantric fellatio, or mahabatki can lead to a subtle, drawn-out and deep orgasm.
  • The heart orgasm. The chakra is located in the chest and orgasm occurs when the breasts and nipples are stimulated, creating very loving feelings.
  • In line with the navel, and also known as a cervix or bell orgasm. The best way for women to feel this orgasm is via deep vaginal penetration, in the Amazon posture (i.e. with the woman straddling the man), or by using a long dildo.
  • Located in the vagina. Orgasm is achieved by stimulating the clitoris or the female G-spot. It can produce female ejaculation or squirting. It is important to remember that this should not be the goal of a tantric massage session.
  • Located in the anus. It can be achieved by stimulating the anus with the penetration of a finger, penis or toy. It is a short but very powerful orgasm. It is basic to awaken Kundalini.

In addition to these orgasms, it can be said that any part of a woman’s body, when properly stimulated, is totally pleasurable.

Squirting or female ejaculation, orgasm and amrita

It is important to differentiate between orgasm, female ejaculation (or squirting) and Amrita. When you are able to feel and consciously let yourself go, you can distinguish between an orgasm and squirting, which can happen together with an orgasm or on its own. Female ejaculation is not urine, although the first few times, when you are just about to ejaculate, the feeling is so similar that many women interrupt the massage to go to the bathroom. Female squirting is a liquid that is produced in the skene gland, or female prostate, and is a fluid very similar to that produced by the male prostate. Amrita, known as tantric nectar, is a sacred liquid that the woman secretes when she reaches total ecstasy with a tantric orgasm.

Texts based on extracts from the book ‘Tantra for Devis’ by Tantric Master Kurma Rajadasa.

Where can I book my yoni massage?

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