tantra para mujeres barcelona

Do you want to explore the full potential of your feminine sexuality? Discover the pleasure capacity of your body, mind and soul? Tantric massage for women in Barcelona helps you to look inwards, to accept your essence, unblock your chakras and grow as a person. The Catalan capital is a city with quite a tantric tradition, through Barcelona have passed known Masters of Tantra, national and international, that magical energy continues to vibrate with the passage of time.

Tantra for Women in Barcelona

In all the years I have been giving massages for women, I have been fortunate enough to be able to share one of my passions, developing as a professional tantric masseur. A work that is not limited to a simple relaxing massage with happy ending or directly massage and sex. And I’m still happily giving Tantric massage and Tantra courses.

Tantrism includes female, male and couple sexual practices. There are many benefits to Tantra for women, but the following are noteworthy:

Yoni Massage in Barcelona

The Yoni massage surprises all the women who receive it, it is one of the most powerful tantric secrets. It positively affects female sexuality and favours the release of emotional blockages. The Yoni is the sacred zone, where life is born and created, so it is no coincidence that in this part of the body there are so many points to produce pleasure or healing.

Female Anorgasmia Therapy Barcelona

Discover tantric therapy for female anorgasmia, you can free yourself from sexual blockages that affect your sexual and personal life. You can remove much more a tantra massage session for women than dozens of sessions of psychological therapy, for this reason massage is combined with learning a sadhana that includes meditation, yoga, ayurveda medicine, or sexual yoga.

Sexual and Emotional Unblocking

One of the positive effects of tantric massage is the release of emotions and sexual blockages. Pain leads to grazing, frustration, bitterness and fears are transmuted into joy and happiness. You will learn to empty your mind of unnecessary thoughts, which limit you and prevent you from reaching your feminine potential. It is necessary to remove weeds to grow as a person.

Erotic Massage Women Barcelona

Tantra can be perfectly combined with erotic massage for women, this is something I have specialized in, as eroticism and sensuality can be transformed into a powerful healing tool. Raising sexual energy and getting to transmute, refine and expand it throughout your being will make you a much happier woman, you, and the people around you.