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How to Cure Female Anorgasmy with Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage for Women to heal Women’s Anorgasmy

In this article I will explain how to cure female anorgasmy using tantric massage, how it is defined by modern psychology and the five different types of anorgasmy. Tantra puts powerful and effective healing tools at our disposal, such as yoni massage, which has been proving its effectiveness for thousands of years. Through tantric massage, meditation and breathing (pranayamas) you can mentally and physically unblock what prevents you from reaching orgasm. Tantra for women works on the causes of female anorgasmy, but it goes beyond sexuality, it is a personal liberation that encompasses your whole being.

What is female anorgasmy, according to psychology?

Anorgasmy is the inability to feel an orgasm after pleasurable sexual stimulation during intercourse or masturbation. Orgasm inhibition occurs after what is deemed to be a normal state of excitement i.e. after adequate stimulation of appropriate intensity and duration. After lack of sexual desire, this is one of the most common disorders found amongst women.

Types of anorgasmy

Modern psychology catalogues 5 types of anorgasmy:

Primary anorgasmy: refers to women who have never had an orgasm, either during masturbation, oral sex or intercourse. Female ejaculation (or squirting) may possibly occur.

Secondary anorgasmy: this disorder occurs when orgasms have been experienced with normality but then suddenly, or progressively, stop.

Absolute anorgasmy: refers to women who are unable to reach orgasm with any kind of stimulation (using self-stimulation or sex toys or during sex as a couple)

Relative anorgasmy: in this case the woman is unable to climax in a particular way; for example, coital anorgasmy (a very common problem with sexual partners).

Situational anorgasmy: this is used to describe women who can only have orgasms in certain situations, or even with particular people.

Causes of female anorgasmy

There can be many causes of female anorgasmy, more than those of male anorgasmy. They can be divided into the inability to reach orgasm for organic reasons or for psychological reasons.

Organic anorgasmy. It is important to clarify that only 5% of the causes are due to physiological reasons. These can be endocrine diseases (such as diabetes, etc.), or for neurological, gynaecological reasons, etc.

Psychological anorgasmy. This is most frequent cause and its origins can be due to a number of factors, which are often combined. The main causes are:

Cultural conditions (society, religion, family, school, etc.)

Traumatic sexual experiences (during childhood, adolescence or adulthood)

Relationship. Monotony in the couple’s relationship, sexual frustration, lack of communication, etc.

Above-all related to relationships. Fear of abandonment. Feelings of guilt related to sexuality.

Lack of sexual education and knowledge of female sexuality

Stress, lack of concentration, anxiety, etc.

Treatment for anorgasmy

Tantric therapy is a very effective treatment for anorgasmy. Today many psychotherapists include Tantra in their psychotherapy. The patient is not always offered massage directly; instead they are given meditation and breathing techniques (pranayamas). Often these tantric methods result in great progress and improvement. Later on, once the patient is ready, they move up to the level of tantric massage. This may include yoni massage, which works on sexual energy. It unblocks and releases emotions, traumas and fears that may be deeply embedded in the mind or the body.

Anorgasmy and Tantra for women

Female and male sexuality, and the union of these two energies, have been studied by Tantra for thousands of years. Tantra for women does not use the term ‘anorgasmy’, but it does describe a variety of meditation techniques, pranayamas (breathing exercises), tantra massage for women, tantric sex and sexual yoga, which help to cure anorgasmy. However, Tantra goes way beyond sexuality.

Orgasms are not the ultimate goal in Tantra, rather the orgasm is seen as the starting point. With proper sadhana (Tantric practice), a woman who does not have orgasms can get to know her body and her mind much more intimately. So she progressively frees herself of the mental programming that was preventing her from having orgasms and becomes multi-orgasmic.

Tantra is a path of growth and evolution, so it is important to be determined to cure anorgasmy through tantra massage for women. You need to leave any beliefs that may have been limiting you behind and pledge total commitment to yourself. Once you are determined to follow this path, the first step is to start to get to know your body, and free your mind from any restrictive programming, prejudices, taboos, etc. Little by little, with a good sadhana you will start to calm your mind and relax your body, so that you will be more and more prepared to feel pleasure in different ways and intensities.

Orgasms occur naturally, you don’t have to really try to have them. Practice your sadhana and surrender yourself in each and every tantric massage session. Then orgasms, in the plural, will occur naturally and multiple orgasms will become a part of your life. A multi-orgasmic woman is happier and makes the people around her happy too. A woman who can have several orgasms also develops her creativity, her inner strength and her sensitivity.

Undoubtedly, there are many treatments for female anorgasmy, but none so old or with such proven effectiveness as Tantra. Discover it, and discover yourself.

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