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What it takes to become a Male Tantric Masseur

Male Masseur in Barcelona and London – Lingam Massage

So just what does it take to be a Male Tantric Masseur? Here we will look at the main characteristics you need to become a male masseur, and more specifically to become a tantric or erotic male masseur. However, before going into any detail, it is important to stress that there are many ways to become a master and that everyone should find their own personal path.

On my own path to becoming a tantric master, I started off as a male masseur in Barcelona and then started working in Madrid and Ibiza shortly afterwards. It has been a progressive journey of studying, learning and practicing through reading, taking Tantra courses and taking every possible opportunity to give tantric or erotic massages. My knowledge both of Tantra and of myself grows with each massage I give and I am stilling learning from each and every massage or sexual healing session, whether it be for women, men or couples.

Erotic Massage London – Male Escort in Barcelona

These are most important points to keep in mind if you would like to become a tantric masseur:

Basic massage: you need knowledge of basic massage techniques such as sensitive, Swedish, Californian, Thai, sports or other kinds of relaxation massage. It is important to know so that you can relax the mind and the body at the beginning of the massage session and then mobilize more energy and increase the intensity later on.

Erotic massage: erotic massage has many applications for Tantra and is a good way to practice sexual energy management.

Tantric massage: it is important to practice on friends and family before you set out to offer professional tantric massage or sexual healing therapy sessions. At the same time, you also need to deepen your own process of personal evolution and free yourself from any sexual anxiety or blockages that you yourself might have.

Tantra Courses: Tantra courses and tantric massage workshops will give you different perspectives on tantric therapy and ways that you can really connect with people. You will learn yoni and lingam massage.

Professional Tantric massage training: it is important to train properly by attending Tantra courses and professional tantric massage training. The best way is to find a tantric teacher with whom you can continue to develop and who you can consult if you have any doubts about the sadhana (tantric practices) and massage at the professional level.

Advanced tantra: in addition to tantric massage, Tantric philosophy includes other practices such as hatha yoga, meditation, pranayamas, Ayurvedic medicine and sexual yoga. Once you have mastered Lingam and Yoni massage (genital massage for men and women respectively), one of the next steps is to further your learning by studying advanced tantric rituals (e.g. Mahabkti, Vía del Valle or Maituna).

Male escort or tantric companion: advanced Tantra rituals can lead to offering male escort or tantric companion services. This service can sometimes be confused with typical gigolo or luxury male escort services, so it is vital to explain the differences clearly.

Gigolo in London – Male Masseur for Men – Gay Massage in Barcelona

Once you have attained professional level in tantric massage, each and every therapy session you give is a new opportunity to hone your expertise in managing sexual energy. Whether you are a male masseur for men or practice gay massages, sensual massage for women or intimate massage for couples, every session is unique.

You may be interested in booking a tantric massage and/or enrolling in one of the many courses we offer: Erotic Massage in Barcelona or Madrid, Male Masseur in Ibiza or Marbella, Tantra in Mallorca, London, Valencia or Bilbao.


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