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Tantra Massage Workshops

The path of Tantra is infinite, it allows you to travel within yourself to heal your fears, limitations and sexual blockages. The science of Tantra and Tantric massage is very ancient, its effectiveness has been proven for thousands of years, it is still alive and will continue, because Tantra is the fabric that unites us with life, it is the eternal dance of Shiva and Shakti, it is the balance between heaven and earth, Yin and Yang, the eternal night that merges with day. You can start and perfect your knowledge in tantric massage with a tantra training to evolve as a person and at the same time improve your relationship with your partner by putting into practice everything you will learn in the tantric massage courses and in a Tantra Workshop.

How to do a tantra massage for women, how to do tantric massages for men, or how to do tantric massages for couples, are questions that are asked by many couples. You can discover the answers by learning in a practical way and incorporating that knowledge into your life easily.

You can participate in Tantra courses and tantra training in Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza or Marbella individually, to receive the student-teacher as traditionally, directly. Learning in this way will help you deepen faster, resolve your doubts when they arise and adapt the tantric massage workshop to your personal process and sexual healing.

You can also do the tantric massage course with your couple, to share the practice and learning with the person you want. It doesn’t matter who you do the Tantra workshop with, if you are a woman, you can do the courses with a man or with a woman, the same if you are a man. Tantra goes beyond gender, appearances, social conventions. Tantra for women helps heal sexual blockages (female anorgasmia, vaginitis, frigidity, etc.) and Tantra for men helps heal male sexual disorders (premature ejaculation, impotence, etc.). In addition to sexual healing for women, you can learn how to control male ejaculation to lengthen orgasm, awaken multiorgasmia, and also how female ejaculation or squirting works.

Another option to enjoy the workshops is to carry out the course of tantric massage in group, with a maximum of eight people, to guarantee a quality learning and to be able to take advantage of the energy that is generated in the tantric practices in group. If you want to participate in the group course but you don’t have a partner, tell me about it, you have a solution.

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Yoni Massage and Lingam Massage Courses


Discover the magic of Tantra by getting started in Tantra massage. If you are a beginner in tantric massage, or have a small idea, this course allows you to start the path of Tantra Sivaita. Learn to let go of fears, taboos, blockages, and liberate yourself thanks to the practice of the techniques that have been transmitted from master to disciple for thousands of years. Tantra adapts to you so that you can incorporate it in a practical way into your life, your sexuality and your relationship as a couple.

In addition to tantric massage you will learn dynamic meditation with pranayama (breathing exercise) and static meditation. Thanks to these two techniques it will be easier for you to internalize and get to know yourself better. Meditation is a pillar of Tantra, calms the mind, lowers stress levels and helps to live the present more consciously.

You will learn to activate your partner’s body while developing your sensitivity and creativity. You can take it as a tantra course in a couple or an individual tantra course, because you will discover your own body and your partner’s at the same time.

You will also discover two tantra jewels, how to do Yoni massage (female genital massage) and how to do Lingam massage (male genital massage). Yoni and Lingam massage are excellent techniques that will enrich your sexuality as a couple and alone. These massages will open your mind, body and heart, allowing you to touch and feel you in new ways. Lingam massage helps to improve premature ejaculation and male impotence by increasing sexual potency. Yoni’s massage heals female anorgasmia, vaginitis, frigidity and other sexual problems resulting from blockages and emotional charges accumulated over the years.

Connect with yourself, your inner self and your partner, relax and let go. You will see how you overcome mental limitations and healthy old wounds. Sexual healing for women and sexual healing for men, can be given with tantric massage sessions or practices in couples, is a matter of learning and practicing.

You will take a personalised test to give you some practical Ayurvedic medicine advice according to your dosha, so that you can improve your health with a few small changes in your diet.

Come embark on this tantra workshop, a journey of sensations, growth and sexual healing in which you will learn more about yourself and your partner, enrich your life in various aspects beyond sexuality. Tantric courses can be individual, couple or group. To maintain my commitment to quality before quantity, the maximum number of couples per group is four. In this way we will enjoy the energy that is generated by doing the practices in group, and at the same time the learning will be close and intimate.

Duration: 8 hours


Tantra Training Professional Tantric Massage – Sexual Yoga


Tantra is a continuous and infinite path in which it is necessary to continue learning, advancing and growing progressively. With Tantra training we are going to improve the techniques that you have learned in the Tantra initiation course and that you have already incorporated into your life. You will learn new concepts so that you can continue to deepen your relationship with your inner self and with your partner.

In order for you to improve your sadhana (tantric practice), you will learn sexual yoga. The practice of sexual yoga will help you to improve your relationship with your body, your sexuality alone and as a couple. Sexual yoga for women and sexual yoga for men (tantric sex) will improve your self-cultivation practice (tantric masturbation) and sexual relations in couples. You will learn how to use erotic massage for women, men and couples in a tantric ritual.

You will delve into meditation, with different techniques, very effective to release the body, mind, move your energy and relax deeply. In this way you can learn how to handle sexual energy, secrets that have been hidden for thousands of years, now you can practice and incorporate them into your life.

Now that you’ve learned the basics of Linga massage and Yoni massage, you’re going to learn with Tantra training further the male genital massage and female genital massage. We’ll talk about the female G-spot, the male G-spot, squirting, and how these massages promote sexual healing for women and sexual healing for men. Heal anorgasmia, vaginitis, frigidity, premature ejaculation, sexual impotence, low lividity and other sexual disorders. As far as Tantra for men is concerned, you will see the advantages and disadvantages of ejaculation control. As for tantra for women, you will see what female ejaculation or squirting is.

We will discuss the advantages of anal massage or prostate massage, which stimulates the A point, and possible drawbacks of anal stimulation in a massage.

Join this Tantra workshop and let yourself be seduced by the charm of tantric massage and the infinite knowledge of yourself and your partner that you can explore thanks to Tantra Sivaíta.

Duración: 12 horas


  • Dynamic Meditation
  • Silent Meditation
  • Sexual Yoga
  • Fire Meditation
  • Sexual Energy Theory
  • Erotic massage applied to Tantra
  • Lingam massage (male tantric massage)
  • Yoni massage (female genital massage)
  • Squirting, anal massage and ejaculation control.

Tantra Massage and Sexual Healing Courses


The retreat is an important part of Tantra, to move away from daily stress, re-connect and deepen meditation practices, tantric massage, pranayamas (tantric breathing), kriyas (physical and mental cleansing). The practice of Tantra (sadhana) in retreat allows you to move away from agglomerations, noise, repressive and limiting environments, in this way the sadhaka or sadhaka (tantric practitioners), you, concentrate much better on the exercises of the Tantra workshop, deepening your process of sexual healing for women, personal and couple evolution.

We will combine the practice of tantra and tantric massage courses with relaxing activities in your free time, so that you can enjoy total peace and tranquillity, in an exclusive place with a spa.

We will do dynamic meditations and static meditations, to relax body and mind, leaving the spirit in a perfect state for the massage. You will learn what the chakras consist of, sexual yoga exercises and kriyas of intestinal and digestive tract cleansing, the Shank Prakshalana cleansing.

You can perfect the Lingam massage (genital massage for men) and the Yoni massage (genital massage for women), how to combine it with anal massage, stimulate the A-spot, male G-spot (prostate massage) and female G-spot.

A Tantra retreat, relaxation and reconnection.

Duration: 16h (2 days retreat)


  • Dynamic Meditation
  • Silent Meditation
  • Meditation to activate the chakras
  • Chakra Theory
  • Intestinal cleansing and purification Shank Prakshalana
  • Types of sexual pathologies
  • Microcosmic orbit
  • Macrocosmic orbit
  • Yap Yum
  • Unlocking the G-spot
  • Sexual Yoga
  • Anal massage, prostate and first chackra or muladhara stimulation
  • Relaxation activities