masaje intimo para mujeres


Sexual dissatisfaction, and general dissatisfaction with your life, is optional… erotic massage for women. Yes, humans have the ability to wish for a life devoid of pleasure, consciously or unconsciously. However, you also have the ability and the right to enjoy your life, your body and all the sensations you desire. So be happy rather than frustrated, relax and allow yourself to enjoy an erotic massage for female.


sanacion sexual femenina

There are deeper aspects of your sexuality that limit you in intimate relationships and when you are in a couple, and which probably affect your daily life more than you think. If you wish, we can adapt the sensual massage for women to help you as part of your personal process, by helping you to become aware of your sexuality and know your inner world better. Sensitive massage is fine-tuned to meet your needs.

To free you of stress and inhibitions, I use tantric techniques combined with sensuality and eroticism:

  • Relaxing massage
  • Body to body massage
  • Kamasutra postures (without penetration)
  • Yoni massage
  • G-spot Massage
  • Female ejaculation (squirting)
  • Amongst other tantric secrets …


masaje tantrico mujer

In tantra or tantric massage for women, orgasm is considered the beginning rather than the aim, but in erotic massage you can experience several kinds of orgasm. You just have to let yourself go. If you open up, you will discover how even a caress can be orgasmic.

When a woman is satisfied, she feels happy, at peace with herself and the people around her. She knows herself better, she is more creative, and she has clearer goals and knows how to reach them…

As well as erotic massage, you can also take part in one of the erotic massage workshops, or other more advanced tantric rituals. The tantric massage courses and rituals are for couples or individuals, but I also organize group tantra workshops periodically. If you are interested, please write to me so that I can keep you informed.

Where can I book my sensual massage for women?

intimate massage for female

Erotic massage for women in Barcelona

Give yourself a massage for women in Barcelona, you deserve it. Tantra and eroticism combined for you.

Erotic massage for women in Madrid

Give yourself a massage for women in Madrid. A very sensual and pleasant experience.

Erotic massage for women in London

Treat yourself to a women’s massage in London. Total sexual ecstasy at your fingertips.

Erotic massage for women in Ibiza

Give yourself a massage for a woman in Ibiza. Tantra, pleasure and spirituality mixed like never before.

Erotic massage for women in Marbella

Sensual massage for women in Marbella. Feel touched in a totally different way.

Erotic massage for women in Mallorca

Tantra massage for women in Mallorca. You will discover the sexuality that you want in the background.

Erotic massage for women in Mexico City

Give yourself a woman’s massage in Mexico City. Tantra, pleasure and spirituality mixed for total satisfaction.

Erotic massage for women in Valencia

Sexual massages for women in Valencia. You will be able to reach orgasm on multiple occasions, are you ready?

I work at my own apartment or I can visit you at your home or hotel. If you are interested in booking an erotic massage for female, or in any of the other cities that I visit, please do not hesitate to contact me.