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Do you live in Madrid? If the answer is YES, surely you know how stressful it can be, especially for the modern woman, demanding of herself for the will to succeed in the most important aspects of her life. This self-demand, perhaps, has meant putting aside your sexuality, your pleasure and your spirituality.

Tantra for Women in Madrid

An excellent way to reconnect with yourself and unblock your sexuality is with Tantric Massage for Women in Madrid, an experience that goes beyond sexuality. This type of massage for women relaxes your body, your mind and takes you to states of deep awareness of your essence.

Tantra massage for women expands your feminine potential through the various secret techniques of tantrism. Tantric masters left us many ways to heal sexuality and reach tantric enlightenment through sacred sex.

Yoni Massage in Madrid

yoni massage madrid

The Yoni massage takes you on an unknown path of sensations, is one of the best kept tantric secrets by the gurus. This massage not only produces pleasure in the genital area, because if you have some energy block, it is possible that you feel pain until you release that stagnant and repressed energy. The Yoni is the most sacred area of the woman, where life is born and created, so it is important to massage the area very gently, with knowledge and experience to know when you can intensify the ritual in order to provoke a sexual release.

Female Anorgasmia Therapy Madrid

women anorgasmia therapy madrid

Discover tantra therapy for female anorgasmia, a healing method to free yourself from the sexual blockages that affect your sexual and personal life. Es te is a massage for brave women, as it can remove much more a massage session tantra female than years of psychological therapy sessions, for this reason, to overcome possible crises, combine massages with learning a sadhana that includes meditation, yoga, ayurveda medicine, or sexual yoga.

Sexual and Emotional Unblocking

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One of the most beneficial consequences of tantric massage is the release of emotions and sexual blockages. It is a natural process in which pain leads to grazing, frustration, bitterness and fears are transmuted into joy and happiness. You will learn to empty your mind of unnecessary thoughts, which only cause you to reach your feminine potential. Empty and leave space in your heart to fit positive emotions and feelings that connect you with true love.

Erotic Massage Women Madrid

happy ending erotic massage for women madrid

If you dare to experience very intense pleasure and ecstasy, then you can combine Tantra with erotic massage for women. It is not a massage with a happy ending, but a sublimation of feminine pleasure. I will guide you to learn how to elevate this powerful sexual energy and transform it into a refined energy, an enlightened sexual energy that will expand throughout your body, bathing you in a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.