For years I traveled to Andalusia to give Tantra courses in Marbella and Malaga, erotic massage sessions for women and therapeutic tantric massage focused on healing and female sexual healing. I go especially in the summer season when the Costa del Sol is most beautiful, although I had the opportunity to go before the summer and both Malaga and Marbella are still two wonderful cities. The beaches and holiday atmosphere invite you to relax, enjoy life and experience new sensations such as the erotic massage for women and the traditional tantra massage.

Erotic Massage and Tantra Courses in Marbella & Málaga

The coastal areas are excellent for enjoying Tantra in Marbella, the sea and the sun are a perfect combination of prana to recharge energy while discharging accumulated tensions. In summer I also frequently visit other summer cities to give tantric massage sessions on Ibiza and erotic massage on Mallorca.

Tantra Courses in Marbella

tantric workshop Marbella & Málaga

As a Tantric Master I sometimes act as a male masseur, I give tantric massage courses, advanced Tantra workshops or erotic massage in Marbella, but the basis is always Tantra, a path of self-knowledge, pleasure and personal evolution. Learning the secrets of tantrism will undoubtedly improve your sexual life, but it will also help you find inner peace, improve your personal relationships and your health.

Tantric Massage Workshops

In the tantra massage workshop you will learn to manage your own sexual energy and that of your tantric partner through your hands. You will discover the sexual magic generated by activating the chakras and letting the energy flow throughout the body. Pleasure, ecstasy and connection in a dance of sensations that harmonize earthly passions and the most sacred divinity.

Tantra for Women – Yoni Massage Marbella

tantric massage for women marbella

The Yoni massage is the female genital massage that the tantric masters of India developed to heal woman’s sexuality, help her unblock fears, traumas, emotions, etc., and bring her to ecstasy through pleasure. At that time, more than five thousand years ago, they did not know about sexual disorders (not by that name) such as female anorgasmia, vaginitis, frigidity and other disorders typified by modern psychology. But they did understand the external and internal mechanisms that provoke female excitement, liberation and orgasm.

Tantra for Men – Lingam Massage Marbella

lingam massage in marbella

Lingam massage is the massage of the male genitals. Tantric masters studied in depth how to awaken sexual energy and channel it. The management of sexual energy is important in order to awaken kundalini and expand orgasmic energy throughout the body. Before reaching ecstasy or male multiorgasmia, tantric therapy is necessary to release emotional blockages, sexual traumas or simply to train the man to manage his own sexual energy and control ejaculation, for example.

Tantra for men is not about gay massage or booking a gay masseur in Marbella, but about experiencing different sensations and discovering the limits of the pleasure you can feel as a man.

Tantric and Erotic Massage for Couples Marbella

tantric massage for couple in marbella

In Tantric Massage for couples you can enjoy the Tantra for couples in company of each other. You can combine the experience of Tantric massage with a Tantra workshop for couples and learn the techniques of male and female genital massage. The erotic massage for couples also includes the orgasmic experience of Yoni’s massage and Linga’s massage, and you can book it with me and with a tantric masseuse formed by me (therapist couple: male masseuse – tantric masseuse). You can see some of the erotic masseurs in Marbella by clicking on the link of the agency Art Massage Marbella.

Male Masseur in Marbella

happy end massage for women

Whenever I have visited Andalusia I have been as a male masseur, giving erotic massages and tantric massages for women, in addition to Tantra courses. In the last years I also give sessions of male escort marbella (tantric escort). The escort sessions for women are an opportunity to discover new sensations and get started in tantric sex and sacred sexuality..

Erotic and tantric massage to hotel in Marbella

erotic massage at hotel in Marbella

To make your tantric experience easier, I go to the different luxury hotels (Marbella Club, Puente Romano, Villa Padierna, etc). You can enjoy the erotic and tantric massage to hotel in Marbella or Malaga, with total discretion to make you comfortable at all times and feel the intimate massage for women or sensual massage for couples in the privacy of your room, after sunbathing or a boat ride.

If you prefer to move, I can also assist you in the apartment where I usually stay and give the erotic massage in the apartment. In any case I ask you to book in advance to ensure availability, devote the time and attention you deserve.

You may be interested in tantric massage in Barcelona, which is where I usually live and where I give erotic massage sessions for women, erotic massage courses in Madrid and professional tantric massage training.