online sexual yoga courses

Now you can learn Tantra online, in a fully personalized way. Study online, from your home (or office) tantric massage, erotic massage, sexual yoga, meditation, hatha yoga and sexual magic workshops.

Online Tantra Workshops

Learn telematically the art of Tantra for women, such as yoni massage (female genitals), sexual liberation of the G-spot or techniques to heal female anorgasmia, among other things. You can also train in the most powerful aspects of Tantra for men, including lingam (male genitals) massage and treatment for premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Also, for couples, different ways to enjoy Tantra as a couple, both on a sexual level and in yoga practices (meditation, asanas, kriyas or pranayamas).

Tantric Massage Course

online tantric massage workshop

Tantric massage is one of the jewels of Tantra. To learn how to give this type of massage it is essential to develop techniques and deep aspects of Tantra. You can do this learning in person or online.

Erotic Massage Course

erotic massage workshops online

Erotic massage applied to Tantra fuses the techniques and concepts of Tantrism, with more sensual movements, in order to focus the massage on physical and sensory pleasure.

Yoni Massage Course

yoni massage workshops online

Yoni massage is the stimulation of the woman’s genital area, in several points.

Lingam Massage Course

lingam massage workshops online

Lingam massage is the stimulation of the male genital area.

Sexual Healing Course

online sexual healing workshop

Sexual healing, to release and heal sexual dysfunctions for women and men. The online courses can be done individually or as a couple.

Meditation Course

online meditation workshops

There are many methods of meditation and mindfulness, and various schools (Buddhist, Taoist, Zen, etc). Each school of meditation uses techniques that focus on different aspects.

Tantra Course for Women

tantra workshop for women online

In a Tantra workshop for women you will study the Tantric path of female sexuality, sexual yoga, Yoni massage and other forms of sexual healing for women.

Tantra Course for Men

tantra workshop for men online

In Tantra Workshop for Men you will develop the personal and/or professional skills of Tantric path of male sexuality, sexual yoga, Linga massage and other forms of sexual healing for men.

Tantra Course for Couples

tantra courses for couples online

In Tantra courses for couples you will practice separately, the different tantric techniques for men and women. And, you will also perform Tantric rituals as a couple (Shiva-Shakti).

Hatha Yoga Course

tantra courses for couples online

Learn hatha yoga online the internal and external aspects of yogi. Asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing exercises), meditation and ayurveda medicine.

Sex Yoga Course

online sexual yoga courses

In this workshop you can learn the wonders of sexual yoga for women, for men and yoga for couples, which joins them in rituals such as maithuna.

Erectile Dysfunction Massage Course

online erectile dysfunction massage courses

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is such a common sexual disorder that it has become necessary to offer a course of treatment for erectile dysfunction.

*All online courses cost 50% of the cost of face-to-face workshops